The Beginning

My baby has this blog where she says she will write in every day on her daily SL musings. So, to keep up with her and her endeavor, and also as her support and motivation to follow through with her daily activity, I, too, joined this blogging community and will interact with her on a day to day basis. I do have a confession though - yes, a Cree Confession. It could be catchy enough to become a sitcom. Regardless, this confession is... I'd be thoroughly surprised if I keep up with this blog on a healthy basis. And by "healthy", I mean maybe a post every three days or so, or even two posts a week. This is not to say that I have given up already though. It just is an admission to myself that I suck at writing in journals. My third grade teacher even told me that. Just kidding.

I have a list of things I need to get done in SL. To be productive, I'll just list them here so I can remember them.

Needs to be done today:
  • The shirts my wife asked me to make for the little kiddies. Blue for boys and green for girls. It'll be easy enough, but all I need is for her to teach me how to lengthen the sleeves on my tshirt template I use for my men's tee's. Without the sleeve extensions, the shirts look more girly and that just won't do for the boys!
  • Paying my custom scripter the rest of the L's I owe her. She did a fantastic job helping my wife and I on our new store .:[AMAME]:. with a special deal script.
Needs to be done soon:
  • A sign for the store that advertises the t-shirt special deal.
  • A sign above the subscribe-o-matic that advertises group updates.
  • Thinking of doing walking theme music gestures as a store freebie.
  • Making an AMAME tshirt as a group gift.
  • Building a business card dispenser and a vase of flowers for the store to be set on the table.
  • Designing men's jeans.
  • Converting some of the men's tshirts into kids tshirts.
  • Helping my wife script the belts for her boy outfits.
  • Creating a 'magazine-like' photo advertisement of our creations for the store.
  • Finish scripting my board game so it can finally be sold.
  • Build some creations with the multiple flower sculpties I have to be sold on special occasions.
  • Once we have the majority of our products done in the store, there will be lots of heavy promotion to get our name out there.
  • Thinking of events to put on for SUMMER CAMP!
Well, that's all I can think of for now. More interesting stuff later! Shameless plug here:

Purchase this tee here

OH! Before I forget! This little convo between my wife and one of my most favorite peoples, who happens to be my bish!

[09:37] Mari: lol no, I'm just sleepy, tired and cranky
[09:37] Mari: I can't believe I am talking to him about periods and stiffs
[09:38] Nevalyn Looming: LMAOOOOOOOOOO
[09:38] Nevalyn Looming: QUOTED!
[09:38] Mari: I meant STUFFS!!!!
[09:38] Mari: DAM IPHONE!!!! DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!!!

COOKIES!!!! Om Nom nom nom!


Nevalyn Looming said...

I am so proud of you and thank you for supporting me in everything. You are my heart. Omgah Mari is going to flip! xo

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